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NFT Gaming Platform

Unleash Infinite Opportunities by Launching Your NFT Gaming Platform Inspired by Axie Infinity's Success

The Axie Infinity clone script stands as a gateway to crafting your personalized gaming universe and an NFT game like Axie Infinity, embedding NFT-based assets and play-to-earn mechanics. In the realm of cryptocurrency, gaming emerges as a thriving domain, drawing in vast audiences. The surge of NFTs has reshaped gaming landscapes, birthing intelligent video games housing tokenized in-game assets and collectibles.

Among these, Axie Infinity shines as a robust NFT pet breeding game, offering players an avenue to earn while immersed in gameplay. Positioned as both entertaining and educational, Axie Infinity Clone development serves as a bridge, introducing blockchain technology to the masses. Its distinguishing feature? Unlike conventional video games, Axie rewards players for their contributions within the ecosystem, employing a "play and earn" ethos.

At BidBits, our focus resides in sculpting a bespoke NFT marketplace mirroring the allure of Axie Infinity Clone development, Grasp your customized features aligned with prevailing market trends. We're dedicated to fostering platforms where digital innovation meets gaming prowess, carving spaces where players thrive and explore the vast potential of NFT-driven gaming realms.

NFT Gaming Platform
Ethereum Blockchain

Building an NFT Gaming Platform on Ethereum Blockchain with Axie Infinity Clone Script

NFT Gaming Platform

Axie Infinity, an Ethereum-based NFT Gaming platform reminiscent of Pokemon, introduces players to a world where collecting Axies takes center stage. These in-game collectibles serve as the focal point for breeding, battling, and constructing an Axie kingdom. Since its inception, Axie Infinity has soared in profitability, credited to its distinct gaming attributes and groundbreaking play-to-earn concepts.

For those envisioning a similar venture, the Axie Infinity Clone Script emerges as the prime choice. This pre-made Axie Infinity Clone App streamlines the creation of a platform alike Axie Infinity. Grabbing this Axie Infinity Clone development equips your platform with features mirroring Axie Infinity while offering additional customizable elements tailored to your specifications.

BidBits, a prominent NFT Game Development Company, presents a top-tier Axie Infinity Clone development, facilitating the swift launch of an NFT gaming platform resembling Axie Infinity. This comprehensive solution serves as a gateway to effortlessly establishing a gaming realm where the essence of Axie Infinity thrives, while accommodating tailored features to elevate the gaming experience.

Latest Features

Discover the Latest Features in Our Axie Infinity Clone Script for an Enhanced Gaming Experience!

Admin Features of our Axie Infinity Clone development
  • Highly-Secured CMS & CRM
  • Personalized Dashboards
  • Real-time Data Analytics
  • User Management
  • Advertisement Modules
User Features of our Axie Infinity Clone Software
  • Realistic 3D experience
  • High-Level Graphics Experience
  • Rewards Available
  • 100% Transparency
  • No operational risks
  • Safety of Investment
  • Referral Methods
Security Features of our Axie Infinity Clone App
  • AES Encryption Prevention
  • Anti CSRF Token
  • XSS Clean
  • PHP End of support
  • Debug mode enabled
  • Google ReCaptcha
  • Referral Methods
Axie Infinity Clone Script

Make a Splash in the Blockchain Gaming World with Our 'Axie Infinity Clone Script' - A Robust White Label Metaverse Gaming Platform That Can Captivate Millions of Players.


Components that are included in our Axie Infinity Clone Script



Players engage in battles between their game characters, known as axies, competing for rewards and various prizes.



Breeding axies leads to the birth of new offspring, each possessing distinct strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities, influenced by gene combinations.



Within this virtual realm, users acquire lands for their Axies, enhancing and expanding these territories by utilizing platform resources.



The Axie Infinity NFT marketplace provides a decentralized space for users to trade their NFTs among one another.



Those holding AXS tokens enjoy the authority to oversee the platform, participating in voting processes aimed at improving the marketplace's quality.



AXS empowers users to make in-game purchases, while also enabling eligible users to conduct sales and auctions within the gaming platform.



Engaging in the Axie Infinity protocol, players can stake AXS, unlocking weekly rewards and contributing to governance decisions that foster platform expansion.

Supported Blockchain Platforms

Supported Blockchain Platforms for Developing Axie Infinity Clone Software

  • Ethereum
  • Solana
  • TRON
  • Polygon
  • BNB Chain
    BNB Chain
  • Cardano
  • Avalance
  • Fantom
Revealing the Path

Revealing the Entire Development Path of Our Axie Infinity Clone Script

  • Requirement Clarification

    Requirement Clarification

    Initially, gathering a comprehensive understanding of your needs allows us to sketch out a precise project roadmap, aligning our efforts to meet those requirements effectively and efficiently.

  • Tailored Modifications

    Tailored Modifications

    The Axie Infinity clone script provides ample flexibility, allowing adjustments in payment gateways, native tokens, digital creatures, and additional elements to tailor the platform in alignment with the business's identity and vision.

  • Minimum Viable Product Development

    Minimum Viable Product Development

    Establishing fundamental gameplay mechanics and infrastructure lays the groundwork, enabling us to craft a Minimum Viable Product. This initial version aims to collect essential customer feedback, guiding further enhancements and refinements.

  • Testing for Bugs and Performance

    Testing for Bugs and Performance

    The Axie Infinity Clone developmentā€™s quality assurance team meticulously performs both manual and automated sequential tests on each component, pinpointing vulnerabilities and subsequently enhancing them to ensure optimal performance.

  • Support After Deployment

    Support After Deployment

    Following the game's launch, we extend post-deployment support for our Axie Infinity Clone Software for several months, ensuring the seamless operation and performance of the Axie Infinity clone app, and guaranteeing a stable and efficient user experience.

  • Game Expansion and Growth

    Game Expansion and Growth

    You have the choice to expand your Axie Infinity game infrastructure and mechanics, aligning them with the most recent technological advancements and user demands to ensure a dynamic and responsive gaming experience.

Discover the Venture

Discover the Lucrative Million-Dollar Venture of our Axie Infinity Clone Script

In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases

Receive a percentage of 4.25 from all in-game transactions, encompassing purchases of tokenized land plots, creatures, native tokens, and more, contributing to the overall revenue generated.

Breeding Fees

Breeding Fees

The platform facilitates Axie breeding through the expenditure of AXS or SLS native tokens, which are utilized as direct payments to the platform for the breeding process.

New User Purchases

New User Purchases

To commence playing, every incoming user is required to buy a minimum of three Axies, with each Axie priced at a starting point of $200.

Lending Interest

Lending Interest

Users unable to afford an initial expense can borrow Axies from the platform, subject to an interest rate of up to 30% for this borrowing service.

Ad Revenue

Ad Revenue

Choose to allocate advertising space and lease it to brands and corporations for running their advertisements, allowing you to establish individual prices for each ad placement.

Trading Fee

Trading Fee

Creators and the marketplace levy transaction fees on the trading of native tokens or digital creatures within the platform, contributing to charges incurred during these transactions.

AXIE Body parts

AXIE Body parts that are availed on your Axie Infinity Clone Script

Players can unlock six distinct body parts for their Axies using earned extra points, subsequently upgrading these parts to enhance their efficiency in battles. These body parts serve as crucial components for participation in combat engagements.

Body Parts Of AXIES In Your Axie Infinity Clone Software

  • Eyes Eyes
  • Ears Ears
  • Horn Horn
  • Mouth Mouth
  • Back Back
  • Tail Tail

Classes Of AXIES Axie Infinity Clone App

  • Plant Plant
  • Aqua Aqua
  • Reptile Reptile
  • Beast Beast
  • Bug Bug
  • Bird Bird
Supported Wallet

Supported Wallet In Our Axie Infinity Clone Software

  • Ronin Wallet
  • Binance Chain Wallet
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Meta Mask Wallet
  • Trezor and Ledger
  • Trust Wallet
  • Atomic Wallet
  • My Ether Wallet
Wallet In Our Axie Infinity Clone
Why BidBits

Why BidBits Excels As Your Premier Choice to Develop an Axie Infinity Clone Script?

Axie Infinity Clone Script

For burgeoning startups eyeing the creation of a Decentralized NFT gaming platform akin to Axie Infinity, BidBits stands as your reliable ally. As an accomplished NFT Game Development Company boasting a diverse portfolio, we offer an Axie Infinity Clone Script enriched with all pivotal features and functionalities from the original NFT platform.

Backed by an adept team of developers, our mission revolves around bolstering your business trajectory and nurturing your startup into a thriving enterprise. Renowned as a premier Blockchain Development Service Provider, our services are both customizable and cutting-edge, tailored to suit individual client needs.

Customer-centricity drives our ethos, placing client requirements at the forefront of our endeavors. Should you seek a cutting-edge clone script for Axie Infinity, we deliver:

  • Seasoned Developers adept in NFT gaming technology
  • Feature-rich pre-made scripts for immediate deployment
  • Cost-effective solutions tailored to your budget
  • Timely project delivery ensuring on-time deployment
  • Comprehensive post-deployment support for a seamless user experience


Our Axie Infinity clone provides a robust foundation for potential high ROI due to its replication of successful gameplay mechanics and monetization methods. However, success hinges on various factors including market conditions, user engagement, and strategic implementation.
Our Axie Infinity Clone Software stands out through its blend of customizable features, robust architecture, and adherence to market trends. It offers tailored solutions and a seamless user experience, setting it apart in the NFT gaming landscape.
Upon consultation, the number of native tokens developed for your platform will be determined based on your specific requirements, business model, and the functionalities needed to ensure optimal performance and engagement within the ecosystem.

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