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Artificial Intelligence  consultancy

At BidBits, our premier platform incorporates Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), a cornerstone of our AI consultancy. Within this framework, we curate a repository of diverse solutions—Email Processing, Document Processing, and Chat Processing—seamlessly interlinkable through API/RPA support and a robust Rules Engine.

Our AI solutions pivot on natural language processing, enabling a fluid interplay between humans and machines. Grasping machine learning algorithms, we dissect data, extract invaluable insights, and perpetually refine our solutions' prowess. This convergence fosters intuitive interactions and continuous augmentation, ensuring our clients harness the full potential of AI in their operations.

AI Consultancy

Select Your AI Consulting Scenario with BidBits AI Consultancy

 Initial Integration of Artificial Intelligence

Initial Integration of Artificial Intelligence

We evaluate your tech readiness for AI-driven automation, guiding you through each stage—analyzing use cases, crafting AI software, and securing user adoption.

Artificial Intelligence Assessment & Restructuring

Artificial Intelligence Assessment & Restructuring

Should your AI system underdeliver, our consultants step in. We meticulously assess algorithms, business logic, architecture, usability, and security. Subsequent corrections, upgrades, or redesigns safeguard your investment, ensuring readiness for expanded AI endeavors.

Integration of NLP with Smoothness

Scaling Artificial Intelligence Implementation

Transitioning from proof of concept, we drive AI scalability across your entire company, amplifying its impact. Our consultants strategize for enduring success, fostering a cohesive, sustainable AI ecosystem.


Our AI Consulting Services that we provide in BidBits AI consultancy

Use Case Definition

Collaborating with stakeholders, we examine your use case within your industry and business landscape. We assess its potential impact across your organization through stakeholder interviews, feasibility checks, competitor analysis, and infrastructure evaluations.

Data Preparation

Acknowledging the vital role of quality data, we meticulously audit and validate your data, workflows, and digital infrastructure. Our process includes collecting, cleaning, ensuring integrity, and automating data maintenance for optimal AI system performance.

ML Model Development

Our services encompass comprehensive machine learning model training tailored for enterprise AI solutions across diverse use cases. This involves tasks like data labeling, clustering, segmentation, rigorous model testing, refinement, and seamless integration within enterprise systems.

Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure Setup

Establishing robust cloud-based infrastructures, we deploy and maintain in-house AI systems for clients in private and hybrid environments. This includes managing ML training hubs, big data storage, and overseeing AI data pipeline operations.

AI Software Development

We specialize in constructing, tailoring, and revamping AI systems as a turnkey solution or in collaboration with your in-house team at any project phase. Our expertise includes ML model integration, diverse platform applications, rigorous UX/UI design, usability testing, and ongoing enhancements.

User Training & Support

Opting in, we offer post-deployment user training to ease initial adoption and boost user engagement. Our comprehensive technical support spans user guides, on-site/remote product demos, user feedback processing, and continuous technical assistance across all levels.


Our Data Science Expertise that we apply on

Data Science Expertise

Big Data Analytics

Grasping extensive data for insights, patterns, and informed decision-making.


Utilizing language understanding for natural conversation and text-based interactions.

BI Implementation

Implementing systems to analyze and visualize business data for insights.

Predictive Analytics

Using data and statistical algorithms to forecast future trends accurately.

Data Capture & OCR

Utilizing technology to extract and digitize data from various sources.

Computer Vision

Enabling machines to interpret and analyze visual information and data.


Latest Developments in Artificial Intelligence

Transferring Knowledge Across Domains

Transferring Knowledge Across Domains

Transferring Knowledge Across Domains

Creating AI-Generated Content

Creating AI-Generated Content

Generative AI, part of AI, employs deep learning models to create fresh data like images, text, or audio.

Ethical Oversight in AI

Ethical Oversight in AI

A growing emphasis on ensuring AI systems' transparency, ethics, legality, accountability, and bias neutrality.


Benefits you gain with BidBits AI consultancy

  • Enhanced decision-making

    Enhanced decision-making

    Replace uncertainty with informed decisions to stride confidently into the future.

  • Optimize costs

    Optimize costs

    Enhanced ROI and revenue through live forecasting and continual monitoring.

  • Proactive problem-solving

    Proactive problem-solving

    Instantly pinpoint potential causes of failures and breakdowns within assets.

  • Enhanced customer experience

    Enhanced customer experience

    Create tailored customer offers derived from individual behavior and preferences.

  • Advanced analytic capabilities

    Advanced analytic capabilities

    Advanced techniques and instruments for forecasting upcoming trends and patterns.

  • Risk mitigation

    Risk mitigation

    Reduced risks through rapid and large-scale optimization of intricate decision-making processes.

Tech stack

Technological stacks that we used on our AI consulting services

  • Unity
  • Unreal engine
    logo gensim
  • ARToolKit
    Technology TensorFlow
  • Google ARcore
    Theano technology
  • Apple ARkit
    AI logo xgboost
  • Maxst AR
    technology scikit learn
  • cryengine
  • cryengine
    Pytorch technology
  • cryengine
    hugging face
  • TensorFlow
    Amazon sagemaker
  • SpaCy
  • Ethereum
    Azure machine learning
AI consulting

The main AI consulting capabilities of BidBits

AI and Data Strategy

Digital gold, data's value lies in yielding crucial insights. Quality data is vital for efficient AI systems. Our strategy involves auditing, verifying, and cleansing data to prevent its misuse. Adhering to regulations like HIPAA and GDPR ensures privacy and compliance in data handling.

Process optimization with AI

Grasp AI's potency to streamline and elevate business workflows. Ineffective administration stifles growth, but with AI Superior, find tailored solutions. Discover AI's potential, harness strategies for business growth, and streamline new processes effectively with our guidance.

AI Use Case Discovery & Identification

Our analysis pinpoints AI's role in enhancing your processes, boosting efficiency, and elevating customer experiences. We gauge your readiness, pinpoint AI's value, and craft a holistic implementation strategy. From validation to prototyping, we guide you, offering clarity on AI's potential and prioritizing use cases.

AI Training

Explore AI's potential in our workshops, discovering its role in fostering business growth and delivering value. Learn when AI aligns with needs, ensuring impactful outcomes for stakeholders. Our modules ensure a deep understanding of AI's essentials, vital for staying ahead in today's competitive sphere.

Generative AI Development

Harness the potential of AI through our tailored Generative AI development services. Proficient in various AI technologies, we craft bespoke solutions like ChatGPT and DALL-E-inspired models, meticulously designed to suit individual client requirements.

How it works

How BidBits work with machine learning consultancy

Our methodical approach defines every AI project, ensuring clear expectations when you partner with us.

Exploration Phase
Setup Initiation
MVP Development
Scaling and integrating
Results Assessment

Exploration Phase

Beginning with problem comprehension, we collaborate closely for insights. Defining the solution's direction, we offer high-level estimations, outlining project scope and anticipated outcomes for a clear understanding of the approach and results you'll achieve.

Setup Initiation

After understanding your needs, we delve into your team dynamics to gather essential project data and comprehend its collection process. Assessing the dataset's suitability, we ascertain whether AI presents the optimal solution for the identified problem.

MVP Development

We commence with a limited scale, utilizing the existing dataset to assess our concept's feasibility. This step-by-step method allows us to gauge the efficacy and value of our proposed idea before committing to significant investment.

Scaling and integrating

After validating a prototype, our focus shifts to seamlessly integrating the AI solution into your current system. Ensuring harmonious data interaction, we refine models and enact adjustments for optimal performance if required, guaranteeing a smooth implementation process.

Results Assessment

Collaboratively, we analyze the outcomes post-AI integration, ensuring a clear comprehension of the achieved results. We aim to offer thorough insights, aiding accurate interpretation for a comprehensive understanding of the implemented AI solution's impact.



Some of the top AI technologies include machine learning (supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement learning), natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and neural networks, driving advancements across various industries and applications.

The AI consultancy’s role is intricate, encompassing tasks beyond data science. They craft comprehensive systems tailored to diverse needs, manage AI projects, and serve as experts guiding DevOps teams for robust support and infrastructure alignment.

Within BidBits, our proficiency spans data science comprehensively, encompassing basic statistics, machine learning, and advanced AI systems. Our strengths lie in machine vision, deep learning, NLP, and other domains like recommender systems and genetic programming. We're confident in our ability to match your diverse AI needs with an expert from our network of skilled professionals.


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